Saturday, May 2, 2009


Join me for Create:Fixate June 27, 2009 in downtown LA (613 Imperial St., LA, CA 90013)   
30+ Awsome LA artists breathing life back into the West Coast fine arts

I'll have lots of little treats there for people who want some bleachy goodness to take home and love.

Visit for details...

By the way... Does anyone remember the Avanti tabletop project way back in 2007?  Never posted them on the net until now.  Here's a small sampling of those medium scale bleach pieces... The entire body of work got broken up and devoured bit by bit the public over the last 2 years, but some of these are still available.  Just click to enlarge:
   9/TV/11 (sold)                               Front (sold)                      Cosmic Jellyfish
Anarchist Astronaut (sold)                Archioptryx                   dollface

And some more recent pieces.....
Thought pattern 18x18"   and  Tattoo Venus 16x20"

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